About Nielsen Connected Home Products

Nielsen Connected Home Products is an independent agent of  a high end developer and manufacturer of, among other products, Smart Home hardware. Products such as miniature 20 Amp Smart Plugs, Sirens and sensors of all types. Integration of sensors in our Smart Plugs is also possible . All wireless protocols are available. 

We have sold Smart Plugs and other Smart Home hardware to various multinationals over the past years. 

Nielsen Connected Home Products has been in this business for six years and with this company for four years .
We collaborate and employ experienced engineers and other experts in the Connected/Smart Home arena. 

Personally I started my career in 1977 in Silicon Valley, California USA. From there back to The Netherlands in 1984. At various companies such as Data General, Xerox and MicroWarehouse, I have held sales and marketing positions. The past 15 years in senior management and board of directors of various electronics, automation and Connected/Smart Home Products. 

Nielsen Connected Home Products technology focus is on DECT ULE as the (see DECT ULE Whitepaper) wireless technology in buildings, both private and business, for the next decades. As it has proven maturity, unparalleled range, and offers problem-free communication in a exclusive bandwith worldwide. Our factory has high grade miniature Smart Plugs available in any protocol.

Nielsen Connected Home Products will offer customers a one stop shop to acquire and/or jointly develop physical products and (cloud) services, based on cooperation with strategic partners and our own development.

Nielsen Connected Home Products application focus is Security, Lighting -and Energy Management. Potential product categories are Smart Plugs, Energy Monitors, Alarms, Light Sensors, Movement Sensors and such.