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Future and Technology needs facilitators for imp
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Gorilla Electronics helps to implement the new technologies.
"Internet of Things", "Blockchain" and "Industry 4.0".

Gorilla Mobile

World First: Gorilla®-mobile, the first real alarm system for Smartphones and Tablets.

gorilla mobile

World first: Gorilla Electronics unveils the invention Gorilla®-mobile, the first real alarm-system for smartphones and tablets. 
Gorilla®-mobile is pure hardware and needs no Apps, no Cloud - just plug in and smartphone or tablet are protected.

gorilla mobile

Gorilla®-mobile protects
your Smartphone
or Tablet against theft...
when it is charging,
when it is lying on the desk.

You don't need to install anything,
no App, no Cloud. 
The required cables are included.


Protect also your Laptop or Notebook with the included Adapter.

Gorilla-mobile is unique and protected worldwide with 4 patents. 
You can protect anything with Gorilla®-mobile: Your suitcase, your handbag, your bike: Just make a closed loop with the included cable,
pull-out the key and ready !

Technical Data

97mm x 48mm x 18 mm
002627844-0001 , 002627828-0001
DE 102015001516.8 , DE 102015001637.7


Alarm Volume                                           
Dimensions L x W x T
Design Patent granted HABM
Patent pending DPMA

Gorilla Stove

New product innovation! 

Finally we have the solution

against burning kitchens!

gorilla stove

Our innovation: Gorilla®-stove

Gorilla®-stove alerts of fire hazards on the stove.

Gorilla®-stove is packed with innovative monitoring sensor technology.   
Sensors and sophisticated analysis software recognize abnormal situations on the stove. 
It warns you with a loud beep, before a stove fire ignites.
Two solar panels give 15 years lifetime without battery change.
Gorilla®-stove has 5 years warranty.

Suited for your existing stove at home

Gorilla®-stove works with all known gas and electrical stoves, independent from the stove technology. 
Nothing needs to be changed to your environment, similar to a smoke detector you just buy Gorilla®-stove and mount it yourself at home.

Every day
there are burning about

50 kitchensin Great Britian !

Why does this happen ?

  • You are cooking food and go “quickly” 
    - to the phone
    - to the front door
    - to the freezer
    - to the store room
  • Humans with dementia or memory disorder forget to switch off the stove.
  • Infants or pets switch on the stove accidentially.

Why do smoke detectors not help ?

  • Experts recommend not to use smoke detectors in kitchens. 
    (frequent fals alarms)
  • When smoke detectors alert, the kitchen is already on fire.
  • Gorilla®-stove uses another system than smoke detectors.
  • The intelligent, learning temperature sensor alerts before a dangerous situation occurs.

"This does not happen to me, why should I need a Gorilla®-stove ?"

Consider the example "saftey belt":

  1. You do not expect a road accident.
  2. Still you fasten your safety belt.
  3. In a car crash the belt can safe lives.
  4. It is similar with a stove guard.

Statistics show: 
   The stove guard is more important than the smoke detector

EN Statistic G.stove 20150727.001.jpg

For the experts: How it works

With its built-in sensors Gorilla® stove continuously monitors the stove surface and warns you before something dangerous happens. When the temperature rises too fast in the pan or the temperature is generally dangerously high, Gorilla®-stove asks you via short signal tones ( . . . . ), whether the situation is normal. If you are in a normal cooking situation, in this case press the device. Gorilla stove will stop beeping and adapts its parameters accordingly, so that it learns your unique cooking style and the specific environment; the result is a perfect setting for your stove's heat sensor. If you do not do this, because you are not near the stove, then Gorilla®-stove will warn of potential danger for a minute via long beeps ( _ _ _ _ ). 
The technology in the device has been tested several times, and has been proven over 100,000 times in Scandinavia. Of course, Gorilla stove is no guarantee against fire in the stove, but it reduces the risk of a stove fire significantly. 
Gorilla®-stove already reflects the new European Standard "prEN 50615" for preventing fire in the kitchen.


The Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox

Gorilla®-stove can turn off your electric stove before it gets too dicey.

For this purpose, the optional SwitchBox is installed in between the power supply of your electric cooker. 
You can also purchase the SwitchBox after acquisition of the Gorilla®-stove temperature sensor; the SwitchBox is compatible with your Gorilla-stove temperature sensor. 
However, you are not allowed to install the SwitchBox yourself; you need to assign this to a licensed electrician.

Installation and operation

Your Gorilla® stove, the intelligent temperature sensors you can install yourself easily, see the product description for Gorilla®-stove. 

The installation of your Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox you have to assign to a qualified electrician. 

The electrician can also explain the device and what it offers to you.


Gorilla-stove temperature sensor
Gorilla-stove SwitchBox
Protected by patents
EU standard EN 50615

Technical Data

94 x 40 x 30 mm
130 x 130 x 30 mm
FI.117526, FI.117878 Patent pending
Complies with the requirements of the new (draft) European standards
CE, SwitchBox also VDE